Choosing a hair color that suits your skin tone.

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Often times when you want to change your hair color and when you change it, you get a dissatisfie color. Makes your face dark and dull, not as bright or perfect as expected. Moreover, some hair dye products also affect the hair, causing it to become dry and damage. This is definitely not good. But this is no longer a problem. Because we have collect information about choosing the right hair color for your skin tone. 

Choose a hair color that matches your skin tone.

Girl with pinkish white skin. Report by ufabet

For girls who have pinkish white skin that many girls dream of. It is the skin color that makes you look like a healthy woman. Hair shades that are suitable for girls with pinkish-white skin are bright colors such as light brown, brown, golden blonde. Pale blonde, reddish brown, or orange-brown. Because these colors will help bring out your pinkish-white skin and make it look aura. Looks fresh and lively Doesn’t look too faded. If you have fun and want to color your hair brightly, such as pink, purple, blue, or green, a girl with healthy skin like you can do it all. Forbidden colors you should not do are black and dark brown. Because it will make you look fierce. and his face look even more white.

Girl with yellowish white skin.

Girls with yellowish white skin This skin color may make you look a bit haggard. Because there is so much yellow pigment in the skin that it may make your skin look less bright. But coloring your hair can help you look fresh and glowing. Choose to color your hair in shades of caramel brown, reddish brown, or apricot-orange brown. Mahogany brown dark chocolate brown and a sparkling purple-red color These colors are very suitable for your skin tone. These tones will make the girls’ white skin yellowish. It doesn’t look too yellow. It will make your face look brighter. Helps make the face look sleek and bright. Forbidden colors for girls with yellowish-skinned skin are: A tone that is lighter than your skin, such as golden blonde or light brown. Because it will make you look pale. It doesn’t look alive at all.

Two-tone or honey-skinned girls.

For two-tone skin Or the honey-colored skin that most Thai girls have? It is considered the hottest color. It is a skin color that is full of sexiness. Western girls or western girls are very popular. They often go to sunbathe or go to salons to get their skin tanned. Honey skin color, while most Thai girls do not like it, want to have white skin and have Opposite Attract like Indeed, for girls with dark skin or honey skin, you should choose to color your hair in a light brown shade. Golden brown Dark chocolate brown or black. These colors will help make girls look. People with two-tone skin or honey-colored skin have a brighter face. In addition, two-tone skin girls can dye their hair a brownish-purple hue. Or golden sparkling brown as well. Forbidden colors for girls with honey skin tones are: Dark brown because it will make your face dull.

Dark-skinned girl.

For dark-skin girls or girls with dark skin, you should choose a brown hair tone. or chocolate brown tone or sugar coke Because hair colors in these shades will make girls with darker skin tones look brighter, brighter, and more lively. Forbidden colors for dark-skin girls are blonde or light brown because light tones make girls Looks duller than before.