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Snoring usually occurs during deep sleep and is more pronounced when lying on your back. The sound occurs in the throat during breathing while sleeping. Found more in males than in females. Most people who snore experience a combination of a blocked airway and trembling of the throat organs. The sound produced will vary depending on the position of the vibrating organ. For example, if the soft tissue at the back of the nasal cavity vibrates, it will produce a nasal sound. Or if the soft palate or uvula vibrates, it will cause a louder sound in the throat. Let’s to see knowledge.

The severity of snoring can be divided into 3 levels as follows: UFABET

  • Severity level 1 is general snoring, not frequent and not very loud. Snoring at this level does not affect breathing while sleeping. But it may affect the relationship of the person sleeping next to you.
  • Severity level 2 is that occurs frequently or more than 3 days per week. Snoring at this level can have mild to moderate effects on breathing while sleeping. and results in feeling sleepy and tired during the daytime  
  • Severity level 3 is daily and loud. Snoring at this level is often accompanied by cessation of sleep. This can cause the airway to be partially or completely blocked for approximately 10 seconds. Resulting in insufficient oxygen reaching the brain and affecting daily life.