Techniques for playing 13 card games

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Techniques for playing 13 card games.

In the 13 card game, everyone has their own unique technique of playing cards. These techniques are base only on experience. The more you play, the more advantageous the cards can be arrange. 

Like playing Online football betting with football betting techniques and football betting formulas Different.

Such as the favorite football betting formula Single football betting formula football betting formulas, steps, etc., and from past experience. We can create many different card arrangement techniques to help reduce the chance of losing during your cards that are not good at all

Today we will introduce Techniques for arranging cards. Let’s go see Study here UFABET discarding cards to choose to fight only one deck When your cards are very bad Unable to arrange cards for all 3 decks to be strong We must choose to fight only one class. By choosing that, we can make many different tricks.

From the various cards that we get, such as 3 wheel cards. When we only get 3 pairs of cards without being able to combine anything bigger than this Therefore. We will choose to fight on the top floor. By having to provide the upper floor with 1 pair in order to make the whole ground floor. And the middle class to lose to hope to win at the top so that we don’t get derby or lose the bet multiplied twice, fight for the head

In case you can arrange the lower deck cards only in small order. and the middle layer had only 2 small pairs, this case was tantamount to waiting for death. It’s not a good thing. 

It should end up being the largest card. If possible barking card should be arrange at the end. Or at the very least, should choose to have the largest order.

And arrange the middle layer to have 1 pair and the smallest pair. At the head In order to have some chance of survival. In case you arrange a card and get a big card on the lower deck, but find that the middle deck has only one pair, pair A, you should not put pair A in the middle because it won’t.

What value? You should split 1 A in the middle and put 1 on top to fight the broken head. will have more chances to survive