Antonio asks Zuma, should he be punished more

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Antonio asks Zuma, should he be punishe more severely than racist players?

West Ham forward Mikhail Antonio has question UFABET reporters. Who waited outside the training ground. After being asked to comment on the penalty of team-mate Kurt Zuma

The former Chelsea centre-back has been stripped of two sponsors and fined £250,000 from the club. But that hasn’t stopped social media from calling for him to be banned anyway

. But he doesn’t think Zuma deserves a punishment so severe that it affects his future in any way.

“I have a question to ask you. Do you think what he does is worse than racism?”

before the reporter replied, “It’s a different story,”

“I’m not saying he’s wrong. I don’t agree with what he does. But there are people who have been convicted and charged with racism before and they continue to play football after that

. But now people are demanding that people be fired from his job. Lose your future.”

“I have to ask everyone this question. Is what he did worse than racism?”

West Ham United’s Mikhail Antonio has revealed he is a huge fan of two Liverpool players.

“The best player I’ve played with is Lallana. I think he has a lot of quality,” Antonio said. I still remember when I was at Southampton together and asked him. Which foot he was good at and Lallana replied, “Both.”