Kimmich scores important goal for Bayern.

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Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich said it was great to score an important goal as the team progressed to the semi-finals football.

The Southern Tigers won at home against Arsenal 1-0 in the Champions League quarter-finals, second leg on Wednesday. Bayern won 3-2 in the two matches, successfully advancing to the semi-finals. They will meet Real Madrid UFABET 

“It is an amazing feeling to score such an important goal in front of the club’s fans on a night like this.” Kimmich said the German.

“These are the moments you work to experience and we work hard for them. Today I received an award for what I did. I am very happy. Now we will focus on the semi-finals. Then wait and see what will happen.

“It was great to celebrate with the fans. The performance in the second half looked very good. We could have scored more goals, to be honest, considering both games. I think we deserve to qualify.

“Both teams looked nervous in the first half. Each team doesn’t want to risk it. In the second half, we did better. Have more desire and determination. You are more likely to score when you put yourself into the penalty area. Overall we are delighted to be back in the Champions League semi-finals.”