Lampard believes Everton are still ok with surviving in the Premier League

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Lampard believes Everton are still ok with surviving in the Premier League

Frank Lampard spoke after Everton’s defeat to West Ham Ready to make their situation in the Premier League still have to win in the last 10 games of survival

West Ham got two goals from Aaron Creswell and Jarrod Bowen. While Everton got one from Mason Holgate. Mid-half after Michael Keane’s yellow-red card.

“We are in a situation where we have to be realistic and we have 10 games left. There are points to fight for it. What we need is more game quality. Need from this team to continue to fight Our duty is to continue to work hard. Both me and the players on the team The fans can feel our hard work. And if we can do that, 10 games from now, everything will be fine. We have to believe in what we continue to do.”

Lampard has lost six of his eight Premier League games since joining in January 2022. Report by UFABET

Everton will need a new permanent manager after parting ways with Rafael Benitez in the middle of the month. despite having just taken over the team during the past summer behind the host “Blue Taffy” made a disappointing performance with only 19 points from 19 previous games on the field.

After the launch of the 43-year-old coach gave an interview to feel that “It’s an honor for me to represent. And managing a unique football club like Everton. I’m eager to start. After talking with the owner, chairman, and board of directors. I can feel the commitment and their ambitions are enormous.”

Lampard previously managed English Premier League club Chelsea in 2019-2021 before being sack.